Monday, May 9, 2011

Smile Of The Day

I'm going to MAKE you smile, damnit!

So many people I know, whether it be via Facebook, blog or Twitter do some kind of post of the day. Photo of the day, Song of the day, cabbage recipe of the day, annoying whine of the day, etc. I have resisted from doing these, for the sake of everyone, but I have decided tough luck for you all. I am giving in to the peer pressure.

However, I am going to do something a little different. I decided that everyone needs a laugh. If you take a step back from all the pop culture bullshit, and take a real look at the world around you for a moment....there's some scary fucking shit going on. I'm not talking about any one incident in particular, but if you start digging beneath the surface, it's scarier than any boogie man in your closet. Guaranteed.

Now that I have you all sufficiently terrified, on to the fun stuff. I present to you the first SMILE OF THE DAY.
Each day, I will do my damn best to find something that totally cracks me up. It could be a video, a link, a picture, a song, or a story. You should pass it along to everyone you know that might need a friggen break from reality for a moment.

You may or may not share my humor, so you may think "hey, this is a pile of crap" or "I have had funnier bowel movements"...but some might just make milk come out of your nose. And don't blame me. You should put your beverage down before coming to my blog, you should know that by now...

Ok seriously...on with the smiles:

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