Saturday, May 14, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

Sometimes "adults" do childish things. Like make a futile attempt to be a hater. They see someone doing something that they enjoy, and they try to squash it with their negativity. 

Sometimes it works. Other times....they fail. 

Sometimes people who obviously have nothing better going on in their lives post a link attempting to mock you and your blog on

PS: Thanks for the free advertising and the additional blog traffic today. :)


  1. Seriously? Why would anyone do that? I can't stand when people create drama.

    Love your attitude on it though - free traffic is always a bonus!!

  2. Yeah seriously. People do crap like that because they have nothing better to do than try to make people as miserable as they are.

    It didn't work :)

  3. Never give 'em a second thought.

  4. Thanks for your support Amy and Laura. It's much appreciated!