Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Small Appliances: A Love Affair

If I let you in on a secret, do you promise not to think of me any differently? I am an alright chef, and a decent baker, but I have a secret love...

I owned a belgian waffle iron, until my dog knocked it on the floor and broke it. I owned a Magic Bullet blender until my mom borrowed it and never gave it back (ahem). All these gadgets and gizmos are made to make my life easier. And they do....but my heart belongs to only one appliance. The KitchenAid Mixer.

In my book, this mixer is the holiest of holies. It mixes...and so much more. There's attachments for pasta, dough, sausage stuffing, weed whacking, doing the dishes, hiding bodies....the add-on options are endless.
Awwww yeahhh...Hey there good lookin!

This mixer it'self is upwards of $200, so it's not exactly in my price range. I would seriously consider getting married simply to register for one. Hell, I even know a few people who got their mixer as a wedding gift, and the mixer outlasted the marriage. I ask myself daily how could I have possibly survived the last 28 years without one? HOW I ask you??

I am not sure when this obsession began, but it has been my goal in life to one day own one of these marvelous devices. I am currently saving my pennies and someday, one will grace my countertop.
A machine such as this, should not be covered up in the back of some cupboard. It should be displayed proudly like a badge of honor...or it should be given to someone who will appreciate it (ie: me).

I am so obsessed, my aunt managed to find a small mixer ornament last Christmas. She told me if I water it, that it might grow.
Chrome curves that are oh-so-sexy...like a 1950's pinup housewife

Are there any appliances or devices that you would seriously consider dismembering your own mother for? Or am I the only one who has gone off the deep end?


  1. No no no.... my husband threatened to divorce me if I bought anymore kitchen gadgets...lol. I have a kitchenaid. I NEED it because I own a cake decorating business. I also have a vintage chrome fry daddy, a hot dog roller, a food dehydrator, a blender, and I don't even know what else in there....lol

  2. Not me. If I bought all that stuff, then I'd feel obligated to actually cook.

  3. LOL Heather. We have a really small kitchen, otherwise I would have more than I already do. I love gadgets. Thats cool, I didnt know you own a cake decorating business. I want a food dehydrator too!
    Christi- Thats hilarious. I still don't cook as much as I should, we eat out a LOT.