Monday, May 23, 2011

If You Can't Be An Athlete, Be An Athletic Supporter!

Everyone has heard the term "Starving Artist". While I can't say I am starving (I am a big girl, it would be sort of obvious that something was amiss) I can say that I am lucky to have a steady job in this economy...but I don't like it.

It's not that I hate my job. It's just that it does not involve my interests or passions, such as writing and art. I would LOVE to be able to someday quit my job and simply write, draw and paint full time. Unless I win the lotto (and to win it, I would probably have to play it) that isn't likely going to happen.

I considered panhandling, but I am kind of a whiner, and so if it was too hot or cold on the side of the road, I would probably just annoy away anyone who was going to put a quarter in my cup. So what else is a starving blogger to do?

So how can my readers show appreciation for the dazzling graphics and stellar content on Rose And The City? Sure you could mail me a huge check (please?) but again...not so likely.

So what CAN you as a loyal reader do to help? 

Here's my suggestion: Go download the Alexa Toolbar. Remember I mentioned Alexa in a previous post? Well here's the deal. When a reader downloads this toolbar, which takes no technical skill, and is totally free and non-malicious (it's run by Amazon) their travels through Rose And The City are acknowledged by Alexa. 

It costs you nothing but a moment of your time, and it helps me by improving my ranking, and opening opportunities for me. If you would rather not donate, then this is a GREAT way to show your support for Rose And The City and all your other favorite blogs! You won't even notice it's there...its a tiny icon in the upper right corner of your browser window, and it doesn't interfere with anything else!

How else can you show support for your favorite blogs? 
1) Become a follower- subscribe any way you choose, there's lots of options!
2) Share with your friends- as I previously discussed sharing your favorites with your friends helps!
3) Donate- click on the link to send a small donation
5) Interact by commenting, emailing, making suggestions, etc. I love your feedback!

Thanks again everyone for helping make this blog awesome!!


  1. I need to do the Alexa thing for my own blog...LOL I just haven't gotten that far yet!

    I suck. I know it.

  2. It's super easy to get the tool bar, and you don't even notice it. You can even set up the custom one like I did with the button to the right and then you have a link on there for easy access to your blog, facebook and twitter. It's pretty slick!