Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just because I like Poison....

She stepped off the bus out
onto the city streets
Just a small town girl with her whole life packed in a suitcase by her feet.

But somehow the lights don't shine as bright as they did
On her mama's TV screen.

And the work seemed harder,
Days seemed longer
Than she ever thought they'd be
But you know you got to stick to your guns

When it all comes down
Cause sometimes you can't choose
It's like heads they win,
Tales you're gonna lose.

Win big-Mama's fallen angel
Lose big-Livin' out her lies
Wants it all-Mama's fallen angel
Lose it all-Rollin' the dice of her life.

Now she found herself in the fast lane livin' day to day
Turned her back on her best friends, yeah
And let her family slip away

Just like a lost soul
Caught up in the Hollywood scene
All the parties and limousines
Such a good actress hiding all her pain
Trading her memories for fortune and fame.

Just step away from the edge of a fall
Caught between heaven and hell
Where's the girl I knew a year ago?


Too much too soon
Or just a little too late
Cause when her ship came in
She wasn't there and it just wouldn't wait.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cookie Day Lives On!

So I found out this evening what my Christmas present will be. Sure, its early, but its worth ruining the surprise. Tom is buying me a plane ticket to MN for Cookie Day.

Now, this may seem weird to you, however its actually really very sweet. I have been wanting to go back to MN to visit, especially to carry on the legacy of Cookie Day, but I wasn't sure about spending the money to go just for a day or two. Tonight I found out that Tom has been planning this for a while, and actually got Erica's screenname, and has been talking to her on AIM to ask her what to get me for Christmas. There has been mutiny afoot!

The only reason I find this out now is because I was pricing tickets myself. *Sigh* I have not had someone who put thought, research and foresight into planning a gift for me. I guess its a good sign right? He plans on being around at least till Christmas...even if its just for the cookies.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sex Bomb and September

Betcha that got your attention, eh?

The two songs of the moment. #1 Sex Bomb-By Tom Jones, #2 September-By Earth Wind and Fire.

First of all, Sex Bomb....my new favorite at the moment. Such a ridiculous slutty song. It CRACKS me up every time I hear it. (Especially after Tom started singing it as "SEX TOM"....how completely hysterical with his sultry Tom Jones voice) Not to mention the Evgeni Plushenko video below....you must watch....NOW.

Secondly, we have September.... "Do you remember, the 21st night of September? Love was changing the mind of pretenders, while chasing the clouds away. Our hearts were ringing, in the key that our souls were singing, as we danced in the night. Remember how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah."

So Tom Sunday just happened to be the 21st night of September. What did we do? We danced in the night, danced like bloody fools (and almost a bloody nose, when I managed to foul up a number of dance moves and with one, hit myself in the face.)

As usual, we had a blasty blast. He even brought a bottle of vino! (NOT a box of vino...ERICA) We drank from plastic cups and had a rolicking good time. Its a pleasant change from someone who brings a bottle of Jaeger, (all for themselves) and drinks the whole thing, throwsing things in fits of drunken rage...but alas, I digress...

We have so much fun, doing the dumbest things, that I could practically pee myself, but I dont, because that would be gross. Next time, I will have him teach me how to dance properly (I don't even spin the correct direction!) so that there are no further injuries.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Penthouse. Allow Me To Explain...

So I posted pics of my office up on facebook, but does anyone really know what I do for a living? Does anyone care? Probably not! But I am sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon bored outta my gourd, so I thought I would maybe clarify what exactly I do at Penthouse.

First of all, don't go getting your panties all in a bunch, its not THAT Penthouse (although there's contstant jokes around the office, and amongst people who call and come into the office).

For example, a delivery guy cracked the other day that "I know this is where they keep all the retired Penthouse models". Yes. They work back in the factory.

Penthouse Group is basically a manufacturer/vendor/supplier of beauty implements. In house, we manufacture powder puffs (quite a variety might I add) for a ton of major cosmetic brands (Estee Lauder, Chanel, Arden, Avon, etc) we also have suppliers that make other things like makeup sponges, manicure kits, lipstick and lotion tubes, compacts, etc. Believe it or not, its really interesting, especially if you like makeup!

Now without boring you with stories of flocked foam and double sewn Orlon puffs, it is a great place to work. My co-workers and everyone else so far has been awesome, and I have caught on quickly.

My typical day involves doing all the administrative office manager type work (shuffling papers and such) but my main responsibility is coordinating the shipping (incoming and outgoing) of all the products. I do everything from completing the daily and weekly reports for inventory, to preparing all the shipping documents for both domestic and international shipments. Keeping track of where they are and what's been sent as well as documenting the invoiced items.

Thrilling. I know.

However, I really do like the job, because I have my own office, no one bothers me and I am free to work at my own pace and prioritize as I see fit. (so far, they all seem to approve. YAY!) I am hoping that this is a company I can grow with, and it sounds like they already have some plans/hopes for me in the future. Maybe once I get my graphic design degree I can get into more of the design process. Sweet.

Anyway, the next time you see a powder puff, nail file or compact, think of me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tom Sunday, and The Work Week Begins...

So by now you have realized I talk alot about Tom Sunday. My favorite day of the week. (Usually Sundays suck because it means monday is coming up, but I actually anxiously await the end of the weekend) Why you may ask? Well I am in love with a very busy DJ/Insurance salesman/Gopher/VJ/KJ/Reverend/Bad-Ass Emcee. The only day we have together is Sunday, hence the name Tom Sunday (all this is really pointless, but hey, why not).

Anyway, so yesterday was fantastic, just like every other saturday. I realize more and more every Sunday that I am so glad I followed my instincts to come to New York in the first place. At first I thought it was bizarre that we had so much fun doing absolutely nothing at all, then I realized that is a remarkable thing in a relationship, when you can fuck around at a drugstore, a smelly Asian Market or Ikea and still have a blast. Can you imagine if we actually DID something when we went out? We both would pee ourselves at the mere thought of something exciting!

As you know, today being Monday meant the start of another workweek for me. They haven't fired me yet, so that's a good thing! :) I actually enjoy this job, because I get to kind of run my own show. I have a million things to do over the course of the day, and inevitably when I get them done, something will have changed and need to be RE-done. But I enjoy it. Today was Kim's last day (the lady I am replacing). I gotta get my office done up my style, with my pics and whatnot. Right now its kinda drab.

Tomorrow is going to be scary...my first day on my very own. Kim is gone. There's no one to save me now...Time to spread my wings and fly...or fall on my freakin' face. Guess we'll see...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Defining the Crossroads

So I was bored and read some of my old posts and I realized that I never really fully explained my reasoning for coming out to New York.

Beyond the obvious (the dramatic conclusion of a dead-end relationship) I decided that I was at a crossroads in my life. Approaching my "late 20's" scared me. I realized something had to be done. I decided that if I move into yet another apartment with no money saved up in the bank, I would just be treading water, merely delaying the next inevitable disaster. Now, at that point most people would move back home with their parents. If you know anything about me, you would know my parents and I dont necessarily see eye to eye on many things. Not to mention I have one younger brother at home (Connor is off at college this year at UMD, but Sean is only 13. HUGE age difference) and ZERO privacy.

That left me one other option: Move to New York semi-temporarily and live with Nana. So here I am. The rent is free and theres no utility bills. It was the perfect opportunity for me to really sock away some money and take care of "ME" for a change. I am always worried about what everyone else thinks or needs or wants. I rarely put myself first.

Well now, there's only me (Other than Nana and Tom really) so theres alot less to distract me. Tom is nothing short of fantastic when it comes to being supportive. He's a great sounding board and I know I have said it before, I know we met for a reason. He's great.

Also, I have to say, I am so lucky to have my girlfriends. They have been there for me and supported my decision to move out here. They were the only ones who really stay in touch and didn't forget about me the minute my car pulled away. They didn't feed me a bunch of bullshit like some people did and for that I am so thankful. I know I can call them (and I have) and vent about everything from Nana and her OCD to the job hunt to 'man troubles' and they will always be there. Girls...I salute you. Can't wait for the Girls in the City Week. Look out Manhattan...here comes trouble!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


As mentioned in a previous blog, my aunt Annie (Anastasia) Mitchell passed away August 17th of this year after a 3 year battle with ALS.
This year my mom is doing the ALS walk in Annie's honor. If anyone is interested in participating or donating please read the following.

The picture above is Anastasia's beautiful daughter Christina, who because of this vicious disease, will grow up without knowing what an amazing woman her mother was.

There is a link at the bottom. Thank you all in advance.

Here is her letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

My sister-in-law, Anastasia (Annie), lost her fight with ALS on August 17th of this year at the age of 46. Just three short years after being diagnosed Annie leaves behind her husband, Jim and two beautiful children Colin (12) and Christina (7). ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a fatal neuromuscular disease that can strike anyone without warning.

In order to help raise awareness and raise funds to help fight this horrible disease (for which there is no cure), I will be participating in this year's Walk to Defeat ALS on September 27th.The Walk to Defeat ALS® is The ALS Association's national signature event. Each year, nearly 100,000 patients, men, women, children and corporations join together to raise funds in support of internationally driven cutting-edge ALS research and community-based patient services programs.

Now in its ninth year, approximately 150 Walks will be held around the country in 2008.As a participant of the Walk, I am asking for your support by making a gift to The ALS Association or by joining me as a participant on Walk Day.

Supporting and joining the Walk to Defeat ALS® is very easy! Simply click on the link below to visit my personal fundraising page and donate directly online or join me as a Walk participant.You may also choose to send your contribution in the form of a check.

Please make all checks payable to The ALS Association.

Thank you again for supporting me in the fight against ALS. I appreciate your generosity and I will continue to update you with my progress as Walk Day nears.


here to view the team page for Team Anastasia

If you are unable to make a financial donation, prayers for Anastasia and her family are very much appreciated.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tomtom and the Job

Yes indeed. Started my new job on Tuesday. I like it alot so far. Its very independent, no one standing over my shoulder for 8 hours asking why I went to the restroom or anything like that. I hated that about my last job.

Anyway, I am basically in charge of the shipping also known as "traffic". Technically my title is Traffic Coordinator, but I do administrative stuff too. Basically the company produces packaging for cosmetics (Avon, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Chanel, etc etc etc) and ships them around the world. I am the one who inventories the stock, prepares the shipping documents and schedules the driver to pick up the shipments. This involves a TON of paperwork for customs as well as internal paperwork. It is alot to learn in such a short time, plus I have been sick on top of it, so hopefully Monday I will feel better and it will be easier to retain the information. Not to mention each company has its own policy on what has to be on the packing slip and bill of lading, some clients want two labels per box, some only one. Some have internal numbers, some require approval from their reps before shipping, etc.

As for Tom...(or "TomTom, Tom Kat, Reverand Dr. Tom..." and so on and so on) He will finally be meeting Nana on Sunday. (Be afraid for him!) He is coming over and I will be cooking dinner (Be even MORE afraid for him). lol nah, I am a good cook. Usually. I am excited because Nana is finally taking it seriously. Which makes me happy. It makes Tom happy too, because he no longer has to get naked OUTSIDE my house. Which is good. Now he can be naked inside too!!

On a side note, if you have the chance, you absolutely have to check out this morning show DJ here on Long Island. Tom mentioned him to me a couple weeks ago but since I never actually made it up for a morning, I didn't hear it till I started working, but HOLY CRAP...hilarious. The one you have to listen for is Randy. Imagine the gayest, flamiest fag you can think of, then multiply him by FAAAAABULOUS. Then you have Randy. Check out their website for pictures and for some sound clips, cause its freakin' hilarious. You cannot possibly have a bad morning when you listen to the "Queen" of Morning Radio.
Listen to the September 3rd Episode of "To Catch A Cheater" Parts 1 and 2

Monday, September 1, 2008

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Sorry it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been...well I am not going to lie, I definately haven't been busy. At least not in the pracitcal sense of the word. I have been busy enjoying my last days of unemployedness and am thrilled to report I start a new job on Tuesday, Sept 2nd. (today or tomorrow depending on what time zone you are in!) I am very excited, the pay and benefits are better than my last job. Woohoo!

Problem is...I work at 9am. It is currently 12:35 EST and I cannot fall asleep. WTF. I am baking chocolate chip cookies instead. I can't relax though, its too freakin exciting. Who would have thought anyone could be so excited over a job? Cause its money damnit.

The position I got is an administrative assistant for Penthouse Group...no...not THAT Penthouse, you dirty pervert. No, this one makes makeup brushes and applicators, not spread eagle centerfolds. Thank GOD. Althought....maybe a career in adult photography?? Nah. I don't have the legs for it :)