Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Push My Buttons

Hello all you fabulous people! What would you say if I told you that you could have my sexy ass face on your blog page? You'd say "HELL YEAH, WHERE DO I SIGN UP!?"

Ok maybe not. But if you are a fan, and you really wanna show it, you can do more than clap your hands. 

You can go to the "Buttons" page (on the left side beneath the "Home" button) and use the HTML in the grab box to get your very own Rose and The City Fan Button. 
There are many styles to choose from. All equally sexy. ;)

What could be more exciting, I ask you? I certainly can't think of anything! 

PS- Yes, I know I look like an idiot. Yes, I also know a kindergartener could probably outmaster me with their Photoshop skills. I don't care. I had fun making these! Hopefully they are at the very least good for a few laughs!


  1. i love learning little tricks like that (which more than likely 10 year olds are pro's at these days) whatev. looks good!

  2. hahaha Thanks. I wasn't actually going to post them, I actually just reinstalled photoshop so I wound up making them for fun and decided what the hell, why not. :)