Monday, May 30, 2011

Going Gaga

Put your paws up, cause baby...I was NOT born this way....

I was reading Lady Gaga's tweets the other day. I noticed that she refers to all of her fans as Monsters. As in "Thanks to all my little monsters who came out to the show". It actually made me laugh out loud, and got me thinking. And now...I'm going Gaga.

I started to consider what ridiculous or nonsensical words I could use to refer to my readers as. Just for funsies.  I am no Lady Gaga by any means. In fact, if I saw someone on the street dressed like her, I would probably cross to the other side, and then run, for fear that invasion was eminent. And then kill it. With fire.

So as I was thinking, I got Andrew in on it, and we began a discussion as to what I could refer to my three or so fans as:

Spider Monkeys
Digital Hobgoblins
The Many Horsemen of the Apocalypse (thanks Andrew)

So as you can see, my list sucks. Can you think of any better words? If you have a blog, what do you refer to your loyal followers as? Heather over at My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream refers to her readers as "Ice Cream Heads!"  It's suiting, and cute! I don't think calling my readers Rose Heads would quite have the same ring to it unfortunately, and so the debate continues.

While I did this just for fun, and Gaga is just a tad...well...crazy, I think she does have a good message in most of her music about being true to yourself, and be who you really are...even if you look like you just walked out of a 1970's space porno. I am pretty sure she didn't grow up from a child. Likewise, was not born. She probably hatched out of some red glittery egg, or maybe she just spawned here from some ridiculous alternate universe inhabited by drag queens. 


  1. Since this blog is called Rose and The City, you should address your followers as "My Darling Buds" and if H.E. Bates complains then call them "My Little Buds".

  2. hey, great blog :D love all the funny pictures

  3. hahaha thanks Michelle! Glad you like it :)