Thursday, June 10, 2010

Passion of the Writes

Do you have a passion? I am talking real honest-to-goodness passion. Not the fruit or the stuff of dollar store romance novels with the impossibly hairless muscle men on the cover.
While in the car listening to the radio (yes, it was Delilah. Don't make fun, I don't judge YOU.) I heard a woman talking about her passion. I don't recall what it was, nor does it matter. I was instantly envious of the voice on the radio because she was aware of what her passion entailed.

Ask anyone on the Forbes list, they will tell you that how they got there was by finding their passion, and finding a way to get others to pay them to do it. This is a fantastic idea...except one problem. I don't know what my passion is.

Obviously I enjoy writing, but even that, I don't do often enough or well enough to make any kind of living doing it. (I couldn't PAY most people to read my blog!)

SO...What is YOUR passion? How did you discover it? I am interested in suggestions as to how one would go about finding their passion. What if what you're strongly interested in, is not something you're GOOD at doing?
I am interested to hear responses. (And to see if anyone even reads this blog)