Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Boyfriend Speaks Cat....A Rooftop Adventure

This kitten is smitten

My cat Loki, is probably on his 7th or 8th life. He's fallen out of windows, been chased by dogs, been stuck in fences...the list goes on and on. He's also incredibly smart...and incredibly stupid.  

Several weeks ago, Andrew announced to me that he could speak "cat". 

Yeah...I know. I wonder about his sanity on occasion too. 

But he swore up and down that the cat understands him. Little did I know, it would save the damn cat's life.
So a couple weeks ago, Andrew told me that the cat responded if Andrew meowed. After staring in disbelief for a few moments, (wondering how men can understand cats but they can't understand women...) I told Andrew to prove it. So we went in the other room, waited a while, and Andrew began meowing.

It's quite a sight to see a full grown man meowing, but that's an image I will leave to your imagination. 

He does it at just the right pitch. Sure enough, mere seconds later, the cat comes running into the bedroom, up onto the bed where we were sitting, and starts rubbing his head on Andrew, as if to say "it's ok buddy, I'm here!"

I was surprised, but not convinced. Another day, he repeated the experiment: cat sound asleep in the other room. Andrew meows. Same response. Again and again this is repeated to my bewilderment. My cat knows his name, but often chooses not to listen. At least not to me...

So last night, after Andrew went to bed, I decided to go for a ride in my new car. I left the deck door open, with the screen closed. I know Loki knows how to open it, but he was asleep in the other room. No problem right? 

I come home an hour later to find the screen door had been pulled ajar. Loki was nowhere to be found. Our deck is more like a balcony, no stairs and the roof is low on either side, but at a steep angle. I race into the bedroom to grab the flashlight from the nightstand, subsequently waking Andrew as I bolted back out to the deck. I'm shining the flashlight all over, down into the grass two floors below, up into the cat. I call his name quietly "Loooooki....come here puss puss....come on sweetie...." nothing. 

By this time, Andrew has joined me with another flashlight. He goes back in the house to see if maybe the cat is hiding somewhere. I hear Andrew meowing inside, and I think to myself "yea...right dude". Sure enough, seconds later I hear a soft meow, not coming from Andrew. 

I turn around and shine the flashlight at the upper corner of the rooftop, twenty feet or so away from me and out of my reach. There is Loki. Andrew, unaware of my discovery meows a few more times inside. Loki takes steps closer to me, as if to say "I'm trying to get to him!" I call Andrew over, who continues to meow at our cat, until Loki is close enough for him to grab. He would not have made it back in himself, because the roof is quite steep, and wet from dew. 

I never thought I'd hear my boyfriend meowing at our cat...and I certainly never thought it would come in handy. Shows what I know. Obviously Loki has a favorite...

And who says DOG is man's best friend?