Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Did Skeletor Become Master Of The Universe?

Do you dream of looking like this? 

Did I miss something?
It feels like I woke up one day, and the world pulled the rug out from under me.
When did sickly, skeletal waifs become the latest trend? What do we call this look? Emaciated Chic?

In a society so consumed with "healthy" options...when did the disgustingly bony figure become the new "it" thing? Sure, I get it, us fat people are gross. You know what else is gross? Being able to play the xylophone on your rib cage.

We ostracize, degrade and mock anyone with an extra pound or two on their body. Please folks, this has GOT to stop. Some people don't know where to end this battle. I see diet ads and commercials at every turn. I see little girls throwing up their dinner, or skipping meals all together. For what? An impossible ideal of perfection? When is enough, enough? Where does the cycle of "gotta lose weight, have to look perfect" stop?

In case you have been living in a fucking cave, let me break it down for you.

You cannot physically have zero percent body fat, and size D boobs. Nature doesn't work that way.

Being malnourished is just as dangerous as being obese.

The more you tease a girl (or boy) and tell them they are fat...THE MORE THEY BELIEVE YOU.
I was teased in elementary school and junior high about being fat, simply because I hit puberty sooner than most of the girls in my class, and therefore had boobs and hips before age 12. I still hear the kids on the bus making fun of me sometimes. I don't care how much you tell someone to get over it, that shit sticks with you.

Oh, and newsflash: There is no such thing as perfect! It doesn't exist.

As much as the media, the assholes and the critics would like you to believe...there is absolutely positively nothing you can do to make every single person think you are perfect.
For those of you (myself included) who find this to be a constant daily struggle...I want you to read the next few lines very carefully. Say them out loud. Tell yourself "I will never be perfect" may think this sounds crazy and counter intuitive, but hear me out:

You will never be skinny enough-and if you get there, you will probably wind up dying.

Your boobs will never be big enough- and if you get them big enough, they will make fun of them for being saggy

Your face will never be pretty enough- someone will always find a flaw and exaggerate it.

You will perfect. Do we understand each other? 

Now, why did I go and make you feel bad about yourself? I didn't. I am merely pointing out the reality of the situation. If I can make you realize that what you are trying to achieve is physically, cosmically and universally 100% not possible...then you are free to stop trying. You. Are. Free.
Free to be the person that makes YOU happy. Screw everyone else.

Free to love the way you look, with all your imperfections.

Free to say "I will never look like that. I am going to do what is best and healthiest for ME...and fuck whatever anyone else thinks." Stop trying to achieve the unachievable. It's simply a never-ending cycle of hate.

You are who you are. You cannot change that. You can moderately change your looks, but inside you're still the same person.

Still don't believe that this is a problem? The following photos were found by Google searching for "Plus Size Models". Do any of these girls look like what you would consider "plus size?"

The cover of Crystal Renn's book Hungry, which I
will be reading soon. Very excited and review to follow. 

I beg, I plead....stop ridiculing people for being "fat". Especially when they are not. 
And for those of you struggling with weight, I beg of you: Just love yourself already!


  1. You're absolutely right. It makes me feel sick to think of the messages that young girls are given in the media and the teasing and bullying that happens. It's one of my biggest worries as a parent of daughters. And the "plus" size models? I would love to be that kind of "plus" size! They're absolutely gorgeous! not to mention healthy!

  2. Even though this a VERY serious topic, the way you broke it down was PRICELESS!! Blahaaaaaaaa!!! Love your sarcastic sense of humor!!

  3. My 11 year old daughter is worried about her weight. So is my 9 year old daughter. It breaks my heart that they are worrying about something like that at their age. They should be out running around and playing and having fun, not worried about "working out so that we don't get fat". I mean really, what the hell?

    It drives me insane. And like Christi said, I would love to look like the plus-sized models that you found. They look amazing!

    Great post!

  4. No kiddin' girl. Me too! And what better role models than the previous pictures in the post!

  5. Thanks! I try to serve things up in a different way that grabs your attention, at least for the moment! :)

  6. I would LOVE to look like any one of them. But, I am me....and that is ok too.
    They absolutely should just be running around being kids, but media, and peers don't let that happen anymore. Its sickening! I hope that if enough people read articles like this one that the attitude will eventually change...or at the very least the girls on the teasing end will realize that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. :)
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Great and much needed post! This generation of girls is being raised by mothers that have been judged, tormented, and constantly reminded that looks, and weight in particular, are the most important and defining quality that they have. I was a bigger girl, not really fat but bigger by comparison when I was pre-teen and that judgement never leaves. Now I am what most would consider a "thin" person but I still feel like the fat girl more often than not. I try like crazy to not pass my mania onto my daughter, the last thing I want is for her to feel like love is conditional on her looks by me or anyone else. I try to just keep us both on a healthy lifestyle track and stay active so she can learn good habits and avoid being in the situation I was in... but I still hope that she doesn't get the treatment I did for not looking perfect.

  8. I couldn't agree more. Being a father of teenage girls I hear it all the time. The kids pick on my 13 year old saying she has fat thighs. Mind you she is an athlete and does a lot of running. I just keep telling her to not listen to them. No body is perfect and those "fat" thighs are muscle. It's these years that are the hardest and feel that is where all the body image issues come from. It's great to see you point that out as a focal point for you. Needless to say the girls will have to read this!!

  9. Well I am a thin girl in a fat girls body. LOL It's so sad what people have to go through, and it's getting worse for the younger girls. I really hope it stops soon!

  10. That's a lovely post..I have been struggling with my weight all my teenage years-it never stabilizes and that was a source of great disappointment for me when it mostly scored higher numbers.Recently I've started accepting myself as I am-leaning more towards being healthy than being are healthy,you feel happy-that's how it works.Really inspiring thanks. And the "plus size" models?They are so damn beautiful!