Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Broke Is Broke?

In these difficult economic times, everyone claims to be broke. CEO's and companies whine every day that they have no money, and therefore have to lay people off or beg for a bailout. But those of us at the tail end of the food chain know what broke REALLY feels like.

In care you are uncertain if you are really truly broke, I have compiled a list.

 The following are the Top Ten Ways To Tell If You're Broke.

10. You make Hamburger Helper...without the hamburger. (side note: Should you just call it Helper?)

9. You ponder how many ways there are to prepare Ramen noodles without gagging when you eat them for the 30th night in a row.

8. You scrounge the couch cushions for change for a gallon of gas

7. You eat cereal without milk, using water instead.

6. You have contemplated if cotton balls are edible.

5. You know that flour plus water can make some kind of baked good, and you also know it tastes terrible.

4. You debate subletting your garage to your friend to live in for a little extra cash.

3. You debate moving into your friend's garage for the cheap rent

2. Your local sperm bank knows when your rent is due.

1. You whore your cat out, giving him a Twitter page, and hope it will go viral, making you millions.

But in all seriousness...what do you do to save money? How do you make ends meet when things are REALLY tight? 


  1. Ha! Those are funny. When I was in college, I had a cookbook called "101 Ways to Cook Ramen Noodles". There was even a recipe for Ramen Brownies. ugh. We keep a family budget and for the most part we stick to it. We have a monthly budget meeting, where we review how we did the previous month and plan for the next month. We track all of our spending to see where it goes, and we do a mid-month check-in with our budget to make sure we're not spending too much in a particular category. It's a lot of work, but it's totally been worth it!

  2. Daniel LaFolletteJune 14, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Funny stuff Rose :D

  3. Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it!

  4. Christi- I thought I replied to this earlier, but apparently it didn't post. Ramen brownies?? I cant even imagine what those taste like. LOL but the book sounds awesome. I really like the idea of the monthly budget with a mid-month review. We may have to adopt your system!

  5. Sadly, I meet all of these....

  6. Welcome to the club. We all have been there! Thats why I wanted people to get a chuckle out of it and make the best of a shitty situation. Also- Let me know your cat's twitter username. I will follow ;) haha

  7. I rarely link-drop, but you should check out a similar post I did a while back examining the different levels of 'broke'. :)


    And by the way? I'd totally sublet my garage to make money. If I could afford a place that HAD a garage! :)

  8. I do remember searching the Honda at Texico Gas station in high school to pay for enough gas to get home. LOL

  9. As long as it's a relevant and shameless link drop it's all good :)
    Im considering subletting my garage. Any takers?