Friday, June 3, 2011

An Ode To Bear

My sweet Bear Bear, my devilish little pup,

I love you dearly, but I am totally fed up.

You scavenge and snoop, and so many times you forage,

You're no better than Golidlocks, stealing the baby bear's porridge.

If that weren't bad enough, you shed everywhere

You know it's really bad when the cat gags on YOUR hair.

Shall I keep going? Because I'm not close to through,

I won't even mention, your fondness of cat poo.

Digging into my mattress, ripping up my sheets,

And stealing off the counter, all our yummy treats.

I've watched you throw up butter, I've seen you eat drywall

I've witnessed you do so many things, no time to name them all.

But despite all that, I still love you... just not your doggy gas,

Somehow, there's a spot in my heart for a big furry PAIN IN THE ASS.

1 comment:

  1. No comment love for Bear? Cmon, a collie in fuzzy socks has gotta get some comment love!