Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deliciously Deceptive: My "Special" Problem

Special is a word that is often overused. Sometimes you look at something pretty average, and you think "what's so damn special about that?" Someone just slaps those 7 letters on a wrapper or a sign and instantly our judgement fails us and we all turn into giddy children, constipated with excitement.
I will freely admit it. I am no better than the rest of you. I frequently fall victim to the "special" claim. One of my particular weaknesses is stuff with special wrapping.

Exhibit A: Easter Candy. 

Sure, the regular M&M's leave nothing to complain about, but they are just so..ordinary. 

Now take the same damn candy, wrap it in some damn pastel colors and put some damn bunny ears on it, and I can't help myself. 

I'm such a sucker for this crap, I swear everything that's marked "special" tastes better. It could be October, and you show me some pastel candy and I'd be all over it like poop at a dog park. 

What is it about "special" things that suckers me in as if I am completely braindead? I know they are never usually any different than "regular" things, but for some reason I become a bumbling moron if you tell me something is special, unique or available for a limited time. I am a marketing departments wet dream.

Anyone else have the same problem? The same issue could be said for things on sale. I am constantly buying crap I don't need, simply because the price is too good to be true. 
"Yes, honey I know we don't own any primates, but monkey chow was half off at Sam's Club!"
So what's your vice? Do you get suckered in to the hype of "special" holiday items? Or do you have a problem turning down bargains on ridiculous items that will just clog your closets? Please tell me I am not alone in this horrible disorder. 


  1. Yes! I'm absolutely a sucker for things on sale! However, I have developed a coping mechanism. When I get home from shopping, the shopping bag and the receipt go straight into my closet. I wait a day or two and then take another look. After having that time to reconsider, I often end up returning things. For me it's mostly clothing though, not m&ms. If it were m&ms, I think I would just eat them immediately. :-)

  2. Now that's a good idea. I usually wind up with buyers remorse a week later after I have already opened/worn/ruined the item. Somehow I feel justified when something is "special" or on sale. It's like "Hey, I COULD have bought it when it was regular. But now it's special. Therefore I am awesome for having procured such a special item."