Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rage Against Reality

Almost everyone is guilty of watching at least one episode of "reality" tv. Let me remind you that there is nothing at all "real" about these shows. Including most of the breasts.

Now, I have no problem with watching the occasional trainwreck, just for funsies. But is there really anything that great about these shows? People get paid a ridiculous amount of money and get lavish "gifts" for participating. I have no problem with some of the contestant type shows (Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, etc). My problem is with the ridiculous celeb-reality genre.

If you have ever suffered through an episode of Jersey Shore, you know what I am talking about. Did you know that those assclowns make $10,000 an episode?? That buys a lot of spray tan and hair gel. For what? They have NO talent whatsoever. At least make them eat a rat or jump out of a plane or something. Preferably without a parachute.

If I wanted to watch a bunch of arrogant, ignorant asshats running around all greased up, I would move back to Long Island and date some of the dickheads I met out there. (Side note: I LOVE New York, but the vast majority of guys I met there in my age bracket would definitely drown in the shallow end of the gene pool. They aren't all total meatheads...but the good ones are even harder to find than out here in the good ol' heartland!).

Why do we subject ourselves to this garbage? Don't we get our fill of drama in our daily lives as it is? Aren't there enough REAL tv shows with talented directors and writers to watch that actually make an effort instead of throwing a piece of steak into a pit of rabid poodles? It honestly saddens me that we as a society have stooped so low. It's to the point where WAY more people care about who's sleeping with Bret Michaels and who Hugh Hefner is trying to Viagrify than anything else going on in politics or around the planet.

So America, it's time to turn your tv off for a while. Read a book. Read a newspaper. Find out what's going on in politics locally, nationally and internationally. It might not be as entertaining as watching Snooki get punched in the face at a bar, or seeing who passes Charm School,  but at least its fucking educational.

I urge you to stop tuning into this garbage. The more you watch, the more they are going to make new ridiculous shows. How many shows do we need about teen moms? The more the media glamorizes this crap, the less of an issue it seems to be. As the child of  teen parents, I know that there is nothing glamorous about it, and that someone doesn't always offer you a tv deal. Sometimes the whole thing makes me nauseous.

Do you watch this junk? Fess up! I have caught myself getting sucked into the drama on many occasions to the point where I finally cancelled my cable account! Confess your television sins. What do you enjoy instead of watching this stuff? Am I wrong? Am I the only one who has "cleansed" myself of this heaping pile of hot garbage?


  1. I confess. I have a couple I watch. My absolute favorite is The Amazing Race. My husband and I have had countless discussions on the topic of how well we would fare in the race, and if our marriage would survive the stress! I also watch Survivor, but mostly because my husband and daughter are fans. I've grown a bit bored of it. My newest addiction is The Voice.

  2. I fear for our society when I think of the humiliation and danger some people are willing to subject themselves to in an attempt to grab fame. It reminds me of the stadium scene in AI, that futuristic Spielberg / Kubrick movie.

  3. (Furiously wavin' my hands in the air) Yes, yes I am guilty!! Please don't flog me with your qucik wit and sharp tongue!! Lol. There are some reality shows that i tune into religiously. My daughter had me actually watchin' Jesey shore at one time. Yet after I saw J takin a pee pee in the corner IN A BAR, I was done with that drivel. Basketball Bimbos (I'm sorry, I mean Wives) is something that I find myself tunin' into every week. I gotta be honest. sometime its nice to see drama goin' on in the lives of someone else other than me!