Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gone....In Sixty Seconds

Yesterday I was feeling very stressed. I hadn't heard one way or the other about the job (which of course means I will not hear anything till Monday) and that was driving me nuts. I got into it with my parents over my student loans and it was my first day on the nicotine patch to quit smoking.

Well, seeing that I was on the verge of going on a maniacal shooting rampage, Jerrell (my uncle) offered to take me for a ride in the Cuda. I was such a sourpuss that I almost didn't go.

I opened the door and sat down. Strapped in. He fired up the engine and revved it. The whole car vibrates and you can smell the old muscle car exhaust. We pulled away and went down the street with the windows open, people watch the car go by. As we drove, I still was grumpy, and didn't feel like cheering up. We slowed down and got in the turn lane for Cantiague Park. on the straightaway into the park, he suddenly gunned the engine.

As I was sinking into my seat from the force of the accelerator...I found myself grinning uncontrolably. It's really amazing the therapeutic power of several hundred horsepower and gasoline fumes! I honestly felt better.

Things have been going well on the date front as well....more on that later. Gotta leave you hanging right??

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