Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I think....I'm a tanorexic.


I think I have an addiction to tanning. Which will nicely complement my addiction to smoking, my addiction to french fries, my addiction to bad 80's music and my addicition to men that are bad for my health.

I spent several hours in the pool again today, turning me into what Nana calls a "mavraki"... a greek word for, well...use your imagination. I think I kind of look like an eggplant.

So now that I am drenched in lotion to prevent peeling, I am ready to blog.

The interview (second interview that is) went well. I couldn't help but notice the guy interviewing me today, was really, really, ridiculously good looking. Very distracting. Hope I get the job...for more reasons than one! :-D

Also on the docket-I got my nicotine patches today, going to try quitting once this pack is gone (only reason i say that is because i paid damn near 7 dollars for that pack! Not going to waste them! haha) We shall see how that goes. I have a 14 day supply to see if that will work for me. Cross your fingers!

Busy day. As you can see, I have attached a picture of myself above. Damn I am sexy.

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