Monday, August 18, 2008

Letters to my Cat Butt.

Without me realizing it, without really even looking that hard, without hardly any effort, I have met someone.

Now, this is going to sound totally corny and cliche, but I am so shocked that things could be so great with in so little time. I have never truly clicked with someone at all, let alone right away. He is really fantastic, he makes me laugh (granted, I'm usually laughing), he makes me happy and I am so amazed at how things have progressed already.

We spent the entire day together Sunday, and I do mean the entire day. I was proposed to with a potato peeler in the middle of Fortunoff, I whupped him a few times at various video games at Dave and Busters, and we swam under the stars. Perfection. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

It's totally cheesy and totally "e-Harmony" but we are definately on the same wavelength. So needless to say, Rose is quite thrilled at this new adventure. I didn't come to NY to find love, but gosh darnit it may have just found me. Things may get interesting around here. Better stay tuned. By the way....I peench. :-D

Tom: Don't be koi, you know you're my cat butt.

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