Saturday, August 16, 2008

Choose Wisely....

I have come to notice that life is weird.

To elaborate, I have noticed things are happening in my life, on various levels that make me wonder what kind of crazy path am I on? If you take a step back, and look at things that happen, things that DON'T happen, and what that all means....whew. It's enough to make your head spin.
Take my situation for example. Uprooted at 3 years old, moved cross country to Minnesota. Grew up knowing that I was born in NY, but that Minnesota was my home. I knew no other home and lived in my little world, barely realizing that life continued on in NY when I was not there. Fast forward 22 years, here I am, back in NY. I have met someone, whom I almost did not give a chance. What made me reply to his message, I do not know. What made me take those first steps, I do not know.

Stepping back from that, and maybe getting just a tad ahead of myself the idea that I have clicked so well with someone who in the blink of an eye I may never have met....that just boggles my mind. So many factors, just slightly altered and poof...nothing. It just makes you wonder I guess, if things are planned out with a purpose? Do we have some pre-programmed plan? Are we just blindly following the path on the big GPS of life?

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? Where you had choices throughout the scripted story, and could wind up with any of the half dozen or so endings? Maybe that is more what life is like. Maybe there are chapters that we skip over, or go backwards because of choices we made. Maybe there are not limitless possibilities, but rather a few based on key choices throughout the journey.

Even though the journey here was easy, the stay so far has been a rocky one. Im stressed to the max, I still have no job, despite my best efforts. I have called in many a favor. However, things are starting to come together to where I am really enhancing my belief in fate. Things do happen for a reason, whatever the reason may be.

So far, I like what I see. :)

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