Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Jinx the Job...

Whew. So I got a call for an interview today on a job I applied for TODAY.

Not sure what that means...am I totally irresistable, or are they totally desperate? I would be ok with a 50/50 mix. :)

The job is a Purchasing Admin for a swimwear designer. (Free Speedo's anyone?) Should be interesting. I don't want to jinx anything, but I am curious to see what the job and pay are like. Can I afford my Cole Haan's and Coach purses? Probably not, but it will hopefully pay the bills.

I am hoping to meet Mr. Right, since I obviously have not met him yet. I'm taking things as they come, but its still in the back of my mind...do any straight men work for a swimwear designer?

If not, at least I will have someone to shop with!

Speaking of shopping I have to find something to wear to an interview. Ugh.

I miss everyone back home terribly, especially my girls. :-D I also miss a certain person who I became very close with unfortunately right before I left. Timing sucks sometimes. However, hopefully we will keep in touch, because he is a great person and I really enjoy his company. Guess we will see where that goes...a year is a long time!

Anyway enough of my rambling for now. More tomorrow!


  1. Just a thought but I don't think any straight men work at a swimwear store... possible Chelsea or SoHo you could find some! HA!Try the financial district, many hot straight men there, also with lots of money!

  2. Hey Rose, its Steph. We all miss you at the job!! Its not the same without ya. Hopefully you will get this job, it sounds like a lot of fun!!

  3. Hey Chica!!! I am totally excited for you and for my trip out there to see you, at least twice. hehehe We will have to give that city some hell. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your interview. And straight men more than likely don't work for a swim wear company but they make great friends and shopping partners. I like the idea of checking out the financial district. Find your self a sugar daddy. =D Who couldn't use one of them, lol