Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I think....I'm a tanorexic.


I think I have an addiction to tanning. Which will nicely complement my addiction to smoking, my addiction to french fries, my addiction to bad 80's music and my addicition to men that are bad for my health.

I spent several hours in the pool again today, turning me into what Nana calls a "mavraki"... a greek word for, well...use your imagination. I think I kind of look like an eggplant.

So now that I am drenched in lotion to prevent peeling, I am ready to blog.

The interview (second interview that is) went well. I couldn't help but notice the guy interviewing me today, was really, really, ridiculously good looking. Very distracting. Hope I get the job...for more reasons than one! :-D

Also on the docket-I got my nicotine patches today, going to try quitting once this pack is gone (only reason i say that is because i paid damn near 7 dollars for that pack! Not going to waste them! haha) We shall see how that goes. I have a 14 day supply to see if that will work for me. Cross your fingers!

Busy day. As you can see, I have attached a picture of myself above. Damn I am sexy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boats and Hoes

So I saw the movie Stepbrothers the other day. It wasn't epic, but it definately was better than I thought it would be. If you haven't seen it then you will not understand the title of this particular post.

More importantly, things are going well for me! I am going in tomorrow (Wednesday) for a second interview for the position I interviewed for on Monday. They said the top two applicants would meet with the bossman and I was one. Yay!

So things are really coming along. I am so excited. It's only been a week and things are really going great!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Burning skin, Burning Marlboros and Burning rubber

Alright, so I have to admit, I have been a little teeny bit too excited about the pool, and I have been bragging because its way exciting to have a pool at my disposal (nyah nyah nyah nyah!). HOWEVER, some of you will be happy to know that today, I went a little too far.

I spent a little over 4 hours in the pool today, with nothing between my half Irish ass and the sun but a measly SPF 15. Overall, I had a good base, so I just look like Pocahontas...but my thighs....yeah...ouch. I wish I could say my inner thighs are always getting sun, but um, they aren't.

Big news of the day though, is that Uncle Jerry has so innocently promised to let me drive the cuda (the 1974 yes) IF I quit smoking.

Goodbye Marlboros...its been real!

In case you haven't seen "THE Cuda" you can check it out here:


So far this NY thing isn't turning out half bad. I have to make it into the city once I have a steady paycheck and I need to make it to the ocean and swim at Jones Beach. Maybe after this burn heals...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hold your breath...


I have an interview Monday with Pam from the swimwear designer company. They are interviewing me for an administrative assistant position in the purchacing dept. It's a brand-new position they just created to help the purchasing department get more organized. I would be doing typical admin stuff, as well as organizing swatches and trim samples, maintaining the fabric "library" and prepare and maintain fabric presentation boards. Sounds interesting...

It's not a creative position in itself however, it is a step in the right direction. Granted my coursework is in graphic design not fashion design, but still...

This company has the license rights to DKNY, Roxy and Juicy Coture just to name a few. Here's my chance to really get into the glamour of NYC :)

I am super excited, I cannot wait to find out more information on this job. Monday at 3pm wishing me luck!!

This could be my big break! Things are looking rosy for Rosie!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Jinx the Job...

Whew. So I got a call for an interview today on a job I applied for TODAY.

Not sure what that I totally irresistable, or are they totally desperate? I would be ok with a 50/50 mix. :)

The job is a Purchasing Admin for a swimwear designer. (Free Speedo's anyone?) Should be interesting. I don't want to jinx anything, but I am curious to see what the job and pay are like. Can I afford my Cole Haan's and Coach purses? Probably not, but it will hopefully pay the bills.

I am hoping to meet Mr. Right, since I obviously have not met him yet. I'm taking things as they come, but its still in the back of my any straight men work for a swimwear designer?

If not, at least I will have someone to shop with!

Speaking of shopping I have to find something to wear to an interview. Ugh.

I miss everyone back home terribly, especially my girls. :-D I also miss a certain person who I became very close with unfortunately right before I left. Timing sucks sometimes. However, hopefully we will keep in touch, because he is a great person and I really enjoy his company. Guess we will see where that goes...a year is a long time!

Anyway enough of my rambling for now. More tomorrow!

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a rough life.....

Let's see, what happened today... I lounged in the pool again, reading a smutty summer novel. Wound up with a slight sunburn.

God life is rough! :)

Actually I also looked for some jobs, got my resume redone and went shopping for an interview outfit. (Hopefully will have an interview to wear it to soon!)

I have only been here a few days, but I realize how much I miss my friends. The ones who matter, you know who you are, chances are you're the ones reading this anyway. I am so fortunate to have you all in my life, you have all been so supportive and encouraging and I could not have packed up and moved cross country without you!

More to come soon, hopefully something juicy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I have arrived!

After 21 some-odd hours in the car, dog and cat in tow, I have reached my destination: The Big Apple!

Thrilled does not even begin to touch the tip of how excited I am about being here. There is something about being in New York that is absolutely electric. Even though I only lived here till I was four, New York never ever leaves you.

Crossing the George Washington and Throg's Neck Bridges with Manhattan just on the horizon with the sun setting behind it, was nothing short of magical. It's like something out of a movie. (I further enhanced the experience by choreographing my arrival to "New York, New York". Thanks Ol' Blue Eyes!)
Truly, I am so lucky to have this opportunity to start fresh, and let me tell you, I have never been more fired up about anything in my life. There have been multiple things that have made me realize that in this moment, this is EXACTLY where I am meant to be. I have never been huge on destiny or fate, but I do believe things happen for a reason. Right now, right this moment, I am supposed to be right here, writing this blog. This is fate. I am living it.

I will do my best to keep this updated, for those interested. I've never really gotten into Sex and the City, but I guess I better, because I'm living it! :)
Maybe you will see me on tv in my Prada peep toes strutting around my Upper East Side penthouse with my pool boy. Maybe not...

I did however, make my first mission to blow up a floating lounger with a cup holder. I plopped it in the middle of the pool tonight, and sat under the stars, and for the first time, truly believed that things are really taking shape for something great.

Stay Tuned....