Friday, September 5, 2008

Tomtom and the Job

Yes indeed. Started my new job on Tuesday. I like it alot so far. Its very independent, no one standing over my shoulder for 8 hours asking why I went to the restroom or anything like that. I hated that about my last job.

Anyway, I am basically in charge of the shipping also known as "traffic". Technically my title is Traffic Coordinator, but I do administrative stuff too. Basically the company produces packaging for cosmetics (Avon, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Chanel, etc etc etc) and ships them around the world. I am the one who inventories the stock, prepares the shipping documents and schedules the driver to pick up the shipments. This involves a TON of paperwork for customs as well as internal paperwork. It is alot to learn in such a short time, plus I have been sick on top of it, so hopefully Monday I will feel better and it will be easier to retain the information. Not to mention each company has its own policy on what has to be on the packing slip and bill of lading, some clients want two labels per box, some only one. Some have internal numbers, some require approval from their reps before shipping, etc.

As for Tom...(or "TomTom, Tom Kat, Reverand Dr. Tom..." and so on and so on) He will finally be meeting Nana on Sunday. (Be afraid for him!) He is coming over and I will be cooking dinner (Be even MORE afraid for him). lol nah, I am a good cook. Usually. I am excited because Nana is finally taking it seriously. Which makes me happy. It makes Tom happy too, because he no longer has to get naked OUTSIDE my house. Which is good. Now he can be naked inside too!!

On a side note, if you have the chance, you absolutely have to check out this morning show DJ here on Long Island. Tom mentioned him to me a couple weeks ago but since I never actually made it up for a morning, I didn't hear it till I started working, but HOLY CRAP...hilarious. The one you have to listen for is Randy. Imagine the gayest, flamiest fag you can think of, then multiply him by FAAAAABULOUS. Then you have Randy. Check out their website for pictures and for some sound clips, cause its freakin' hilarious. You cannot possibly have a bad morning when you listen to the "Queen" of Morning Radio.
Listen to the September 3rd Episode of "To Catch A Cheater" Parts 1 and 2

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