Monday, September 22, 2008

Sex Bomb and September

Betcha that got your attention, eh?

The two songs of the moment. #1 Sex Bomb-By Tom Jones, #2 September-By Earth Wind and Fire.

First of all, Sex new favorite at the moment. Such a ridiculous slutty song. It CRACKS me up every time I hear it. (Especially after Tom started singing it as "SEX TOM" completely hysterical with his sultry Tom Jones voice) Not to mention the Evgeni Plushenko video must watch....NOW.

Secondly, we have September.... "Do you remember, the 21st night of September? Love was changing the mind of pretenders, while chasing the clouds away. Our hearts were ringing, in the key that our souls were singing, as we danced in the night. Remember how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah."

So Tom Sunday just happened to be the 21st night of September. What did we do? We danced in the night, danced like bloody fools (and almost a bloody nose, when I managed to foul up a number of dance moves and with one, hit myself in the face.)

As usual, we had a blasty blast. He even brought a bottle of vino! (NOT a box of vino...ERICA) We drank from plastic cups and had a rolicking good time. Its a pleasant change from someone who brings a bottle of Jaeger, (all for themselves) and drinks the whole thing, throwsing things in fits of drunken rage...but alas, I digress...

We have so much fun, doing the dumbest things, that I could practically pee myself, but I dont, because that would be gross. Next time, I will have him teach me how to dance properly (I don't even spin the correct direction!) so that there are no further injuries.

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  1. So I enjoy how you make fun of Erica for boxed wine, and then proceed to drink it out of plastic cups. LOL. :) Silly girl...