Monday, September 15, 2008

Tom Sunday, and The Work Week Begins...

So by now you have realized I talk alot about Tom Sunday. My favorite day of the week. (Usually Sundays suck because it means monday is coming up, but I actually anxiously await the end of the weekend) Why you may ask? Well I am in love with a very busy DJ/Insurance salesman/Gopher/VJ/KJ/Reverend/Bad-Ass Emcee. The only day we have together is Sunday, hence the name Tom Sunday (all this is really pointless, but hey, why not).

Anyway, so yesterday was fantastic, just like every other saturday. I realize more and more every Sunday that I am so glad I followed my instincts to come to New York in the first place. At first I thought it was bizarre that we had so much fun doing absolutely nothing at all, then I realized that is a remarkable thing in a relationship, when you can fuck around at a drugstore, a smelly Asian Market or Ikea and still have a blast. Can you imagine if we actually DID something when we went out? We both would pee ourselves at the mere thought of something exciting!

As you know, today being Monday meant the start of another workweek for me. They haven't fired me yet, so that's a good thing! :) I actually enjoy this job, because I get to kind of run my own show. I have a million things to do over the course of the day, and inevitably when I get them done, something will have changed and need to be RE-done. But I enjoy it. Today was Kim's last day (the lady I am replacing). I gotta get my office done up my style, with my pics and whatnot. Right now its kinda drab.

Tomorrow is going to be first day on my very own. Kim is gone. There's no one to save me now...Time to spread my wings and fly...or fall on my freakin' face. Guess we'll see...


  1. Umm there better be a good picture of the sexy ladies you left back in the frozen tundra. Remember it needs to be a good picture. Not the one where you ripped my pants at the bar or anything like that. lol

  2. LOL to what E said. Maybe you should put up the gingerbread men picture. Or one of us from h.s. looking all "prettified".