Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cookie Day Lives On!

So I found out this evening what my Christmas present will be. Sure, its early, but its worth ruining the surprise. Tom is buying me a plane ticket to MN for Cookie Day.

Now, this may seem weird to you, however its actually really very sweet. I have been wanting to go back to MN to visit, especially to carry on the legacy of Cookie Day, but I wasn't sure about spending the money to go just for a day or two. Tonight I found out that Tom has been planning this for a while, and actually got Erica's screenname, and has been talking to her on AIM to ask her what to get me for Christmas. There has been mutiny afoot!

The only reason I find this out now is because I was pricing tickets myself. *Sigh* I have not had someone who put thought, research and foresight into planning a gift for me. I guess its a good sign right? He plans on being around at least till Christmas...even if its just for the cookies.

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