Saturday, September 20, 2008

Penthouse. Allow Me To Explain...

So I posted pics of my office up on facebook, but does anyone really know what I do for a living? Does anyone care? Probably not! But I am sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon bored outta my gourd, so I thought I would maybe clarify what exactly I do at Penthouse.

First of all, don't go getting your panties all in a bunch, its not THAT Penthouse (although there's contstant jokes around the office, and amongst people who call and come into the office).

For example, a delivery guy cracked the other day that "I know this is where they keep all the retired Penthouse models". Yes. They work back in the factory.

Penthouse Group is basically a manufacturer/vendor/supplier of beauty implements. In house, we manufacture powder puffs (quite a variety might I add) for a ton of major cosmetic brands (Estee Lauder, Chanel, Arden, Avon, etc) we also have suppliers that make other things like makeup sponges, manicure kits, lipstick and lotion tubes, compacts, etc. Believe it or not, its really interesting, especially if you like makeup!

Now without boring you with stories of flocked foam and double sewn Orlon puffs, it is a great place to work. My co-workers and everyone else so far has been awesome, and I have caught on quickly.

My typical day involves doing all the administrative office manager type work (shuffling papers and such) but my main responsibility is coordinating the shipping (incoming and outgoing) of all the products. I do everything from completing the daily and weekly reports for inventory, to preparing all the shipping documents for both domestic and international shipments. Keeping track of where they are and what's been sent as well as documenting the invoiced items.

Thrilling. I know.

However, I really do like the job, because I have my own office, no one bothers me and I am free to work at my own pace and prioritize as I see fit. (so far, they all seem to approve. YAY!) I am hoping that this is a company I can grow with, and it sounds like they already have some plans/hopes for me in the future. Maybe once I get my graphic design degree I can get into more of the design process. Sweet.

Anyway, the next time you see a powder puff, nail file or compact, think of me!

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