Sunday, July 17, 2011

What The F*ck Were We Thinking?

In a momentary lapse of any sort of rational judgement, I agreed to do the unthinkable. It's's's a death's....


Holy hell. What was I thinking. I have never bought so much produce IN.MY.LIFE.  Combined!
Now, you're probably wondering what quackery I have been up to. Really I am not one for fad diets and all that crap, but after watching Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead, Andrew and I decided to start out on a ten day juice fast, as a jumpstart to a healthy eating lifestyle.

Before you ask, yes, I may have in fact lost my mind.

But seriously though, how bad can it be? For you naysayers out there who are asking "But how will you get all your nutrients? That can't be healthy" I say to you "DID YOU SEE OUR DIET BEFORE?" We were eating all sorts of deep fried garbage. It's gotta be healthier than that!

It is currently Sunday afternoon. We are starting officially on Monday. We picked up nearly $150 worth of produce today in preparation for Monday's kickoff. I decided it would be great to have a toast today with one of the yummiest sounding juice recipes: Watermelon-Lime. I chopped and juiced the ingredients: Watermelon, lime, cucumber and carrot. Andrew downed his. I choked on mine. It was like sticking a straw into a cucumber. I know I will lose weight on this juice diet because I may wind up just dumping it all down the drain....we'll see.

For those of you interested in the contents of the kitchen table, aka: our grocery bounty....see below:

Apples (Fuji and Granny Smith)
Pears (Asian and regular)
Green Peppers
Cabbage (Red and Green)

All in all, we spent less than we would on a "normal" grocery trip which would include tons of processed convenience foods (and we would go out to eat too).  The grocery trip took far less time because we were in one department the whole friggin time. It did take the poor cashier longer because she had to weigh and type in SKU's for every....single...item. Sorry Elizabeth!!
Stay tuned for our ten day adventure. I will be sure to let you know if I have gone homicidal, or jump off the bandwagon. Andrew thinks I can do it. I think he's fucking crazy.


  1. Wow. You definitely have to keep everyone posted on how you do with this. I need to do something - I was on track for a while, but then I gave up. Again. Ugh. I wanted to lose all sorts of weight before vacation, but I'm now ok with the fact that I didn't. And I know I'm going to be a pig while we're gone LOL.

    As soon as we get back, I'm jumping on the wagon again. And once school starts and I have some free time, I'm going to start running and walking again. Yes, yes I am.


  2. I have that movie in my Netflix list. Now I'm scared to watch it because I may be overcome with an uncontrollable urge to purge and be healthy....
    Oh look, the coffee's done!

  3. Hey I'll give you a good deal on my Montel Health Master Blender. We were going to do the same thing but we failed miserably. It cost me over $250.00 and you can have it for $150. + shipping. We used it twice. It is the extra powerful professional one. Let me know.