Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Two: "You Mean I Have To Do More Of This Shit?"

Day Two of our "Reboot"
You're probably wondering where the "Day One" post is. There wasn't one. And there's a damn good reason why...

I left for work at the usual time. I pulled into the gas station where I usually buy lunch on my way to work. I needed to get a bottle of water. I opened the door.....and the most intoxicating smell wafted over me. I grabbed the bottle, got in line and realized the delicious aroma was coming from the guy in front of me in line. He was holding not one, but two gas station hot dogs. I almost tackled him for a GAS STATION HOT DOG. That's how I knew this day was going to suck.

In the evening of Day One I came home from work, locked my car, walked up the stairs, pet the dog, put my purse down looked up at Andrew who was coming to give me a hug, and burst into uncontrollable tears.
"I*sniff*can't *sob* do this!"
Between my insulin resistance, and the extra long day at work...this Reboot got the best of me.
I cried walking in the door. I cried because there were clothes in the washer. I cried because fruit needed to be cut up.

Yeah. I bet Andrew is wishing he took my mom's offer of their guest room.

The good news is I made it a whole 24 hours without killing anyone. So I guess we can chalk Day One up as a success.

The problem I had when I came home, was the pounding headache in my head as my body was getting over the shock of all the nutrients I was pouring into it had reached a crescendo. My body produces too much insulin, and therefore the juice was causing the blood sugar to spike rapidly, and then drop rapidly because juice does not take as long to be absorbed into the bloodstream as something more complex to digest. Like chicken for example. Mmmmm....chicken....

So I did a little research in between meltdowns and discovered that with the reboot I can in fact eat SOLID fruits and vegetables instead of just juice. I immediately ran to the kitchen. Opened a can of corn....poured it in a bowl and ate it.  Yeah....

Best tasting canned corn I have ever had in my life.

I also discovered that we were supposed to prepare for this Reboot by GRADUALLY reducing the meat and sugars in our diet for a week prior. We did not. In fact, we had nachos with Velveeta as our last meal. Whoops.

So now, we have Day Two.....here's hoping today is less eventful. And God help any customer who flips out on me today....


  1. Oh boy.....look at it this way - at least you have someone doing it with you! There's no way in you-know-where that I could do it alone (probably not with anyone either) so you get huge kudos from me for even trying it!

    Hang in there!


  2. I was just curious to know how the rest of the diet went, being that I deleted my facebook and twitter accounts, I have no way of asking you about it. Hopefully you guys made it through, I'll be honest though, I'll never give up my gas station hot dogs, they are the only things that make going to our meaningless button mashing job worth my while. ;)

  3. Passando por acaso por aqui. Mas deixo um abraço!