Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Someone Hate Your Kids?

In case you haven't heard, people like to complain.
Whether about noise, or smells, or other offenses to the senses.
The most recent complaint is no exception.
People don't like your kid.

A recent article published on Yahoo indicates a trend among business owners banning children at restaurants.  The article names several places that do not allow children under the age of six. Period.

This of course, has some parents up in arms, because they say their little Junior is no more obnoxious than, say a drunk guy at the bar. Personally, I find both annoying.

The argument being made is that this is discrimination against children.

If that is the case, then isn't banning smoking in restaurants the same type of supposed "discrimination"? Well no, you say, because smoking is bothersome to those around it. Isn't a screaming child bothersome to those around it too?

Now, I have a lot of parents that read my blog, and I certainly don't intend to offend you. I love children, and plan on someday having several of my own. However, while there are many that are extremely well behaved....there are more that are not. And some places just are not appropriate for small children. Sadly, there are many parents who are unable to make this distinction of where is an appropriate place for a small child. There are also many who refuse to insist their child behave in a manner that is appropriate for a public setting.

Ideally, I think it would be best to have this policy on a case-by-case basis, but there are many parents who choose not to control their children. There are also many parents with special needs kids who cannot control their children (through no fault of their own, or the child) and therefore having a policy that allows restaurants to choose to allow some children and not others COULD potentially be discriminatory.

Of course there is the argument that kids will be kids! And I SHOULD be allowed to just be kids. And should be allowed to act as such in an environment suited for children. Not all restaurants are banning children. Only a few. That is their prerogative. People with small children will just take their kids to a place that does allow kids. Just as when they began banning smoking in my state, there were some restaurants that did not allow it and some that did (until it became a statewide law) and so those of us who smoke, simply chose to go to the restaurants that still allow it. Now that the ban has been a law for several years, it's become normal to me to have to stand outside when I smoke.

Some people argue its discriminatory against special needs children. This is simply not true. If it was aimed at special needs kids, it would have said kids are allowed until they become disruptive. Then I would think the ban might have been unfair.

Parents: if you don't like the new rules, then definitely take your business elsewhere. It's my opinion business at these places will not be affected much, because for every parent that takes their kids elsewhere, there's going to be people who would rather not dine among screaming kids and flying spaghetti.

Please, before you leave comments saying I'm a total bitch, remember that I do love kids, but I also believe it's important to be respectful of those around you. And until a child is old enough to know how to do so, I think they belong in more child friendly establishments. Your kids will have a better time not sitting in a boring "grown up" place, and you will be able to relax more without worrying about angering the people around you.

Now it's time to hear what YOU all have to say. Parents and non-parents alike....tell me your thoughts about this ban. Would you support something like this in your area? Would you be offended if you were informed your favorite eatery no longer allowed children? Do you think it's right? Do you think it should be illegal?


  1. Before I comment I want to state that I raised two children and now have a grandchild. My children didn't go to "sit down" restaurants until they were old enough to behave.

    Parents, one, and I repeat, NO ONE wants to listen to your kid. You may think they are the cutest little thing but that is only you and possibly the grandparents. If your children can't behave in a restaurant, leave them home. It is unfair to expect them to behave as adults and unfair to the other patrons to subject them to your kids being kids.

    Restaurants should offer non-children sections just like there used to be non-smoking sections. Another possiblilty is to not allow children after a certain hour, such as no kids after 7.

  2. WELL SAID CHRIS! You took the words right out of my mouth. We ran into a similar issue at the pool at our campground. While I know its a pool, and kids are gonna be crazy there, some people (ahem, us) went to go relax, and couldn't because no one was watching their kids. Everyone was running around spitting water, etc. There should be (and some places/pools) have a no kids after a certain hour rule.
    While some people think it's "not fair" that their children should be excluded, I don't think it's fair that our last two vacations (camping, and our "date night weekend" hotel visit) were nearly ruined by kids whose parents didn't bother to tell them no.

    Ps- I can vouch for Chris's parenting skills, because I happen to personally know that her son is an awesome man :)

  3. I would like to find more places child-free.

  4. Thank you Rose.