Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breaking the Breaking Cycle

Though most of my posts tend to be on a lighter subject matter, I recently read a post on Single Dad Laughing that was absolutely one of the best things I have ever read, and I decided I had to share it.

Dan (Aka: Single Dad Laughing) is a fantastic writer, and has written many posts that I find are simply some great pieces of writing. His post on perfection is spot on. Many of his words are ones I wish I had written myself.
His article entitled You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations. speaks VOLUMES and has tens of thousands of views. Frankly it deserves ten thousand times more.

Most people think of child abuse in the physical capacity...bruises and broken bones. What many people sadly do not realize is that often the wounds that hurt the most are the ones that are much harder to see. The bruises of the ego, and breaks in the soul may not be as easily visible, but often take much longer to heal.

Parents must realize that while you do not necessarily need to be your child's best friend (sometimes you may have to discipline them in some way) it is essential you do not be your child's feared enemy.
Sometimes you will do things your kids don't like, sometimes you will have to say no, sometimes you will have to  reprimand your child...but damnit, LOVE your child. Hug them every day. Let them know how much they mean to you and never ever let your child think even for a moment that they are a burden or that they were not wanted. If you have a child that was unwanted, and it pains you to look at that child for whatever reason, and you cannot bear to give them 100% of your love, then do that child the justice of giving him or her to someone who WILL love them and cherish them.

Every time I read of a child who was physically or emotionally abused or neglected or killed by a parent who felt that child was a burden, a part of me dies inside. There are so many people who would sell their own soul just to have one child to love, but for whatever unfortunate circumstance cannot. Why would anyone "suffer" (of course I say that facetiously) with an unwanted child?

Parents, especially fathers....LOVE your children. Don't neglect them, don't think of them as some sort of annoying accessory with un-removable batteries, and DO NOT BREAK THEM. They are your flesh and blood, and often the only thing you will leave to this world. Love your sons, love your daughters...and make damn sure that they KNOW IT.

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