Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back in Action

After an extended hiatus I have decided to be back in action with this ever-thrilling blog. Does anyone read this? Probably not, but hey, it keeps me amused and that's all that matters.

Despite the misleading byline, I am no longer a resident of Long Island. As a matter of fact, I am back in the Twin Cities as of last July. Somehow, "Rose and the Cities" just didn't have the same copyright infringing ring to it.

Life has come at me fast the last few months since returning to Minnesota. On February 5th I lost my grandmother, Nana, one of the single most important people in my life. She was more than a grandmother, she was a mother, a confidant and a best friend. Things have been difficult dealing with that, but I am doing my best to do right by her and make her proud, because she was involved in EVERY aspect of my life when she was here with us (as anyone who knew her would agree!) I know that she will continue to make sure that I am on track with my life.

So, if you're not asleep yet, stay tuned, because there's sure to be something interesting lurking in the shadows.

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