Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tom and Rose Take Manhattan

So I finally got a full weekend of Tom, which was actually miracle the whole thing came together so well.

Friday night we stayed at the apartment, which had no TV, (Not sure if I explained before, but it's Paul's apartment that he no longer lives in, so we go there if we need a place to hang out, or in this case sleep). Paul took the TV back, so we hung out and watched some shows on the laptop and then snuggled in on the Aerobed in the loft, which has a skylight looking up into the starry sky. Aside from the snoring and poking and blanket stealing, it was a great night.

Woke up Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, and we got all prettified to drive to Ronkonkoma and caught the train there to Penn Station. At Penn we stopped and got coffee and bagels (how "New York" of us!) at Hot and Crusty, a NY icon bakery. (Come to think of it, a really unappetizing name, unless of course, you know its a bakery.)

From there we ventured to Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum on 34th street. It's the closest I have come to a celebrity since I have been here sadly, (or ever for that matter) and it was a blast. I highly recommend the 4-D theater they have as well.

The rest of the day consisted of LOTS of walking, up and down Manhattan. We went Uptown, Downtown, Midtown, Central Park, Southstreet Seaport and everything in between. We have 220 pictures to prove it!

By the time we limped back onto the subway bound for Penn Station we flopped onto the LIRR train back to Ronkonkoma and passed out in the seats on each other's shoulders. I had such a blast, laughing and being my dorky self with someone who seems to appreciate me and my dorkiness. In fact, he's a pretty big dork right along with me, as you may see in the pics on my Facebook. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime!

It was a loooong exhausting weekend, but it was amazing, and I will remember it always.

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