Monday, October 27, 2008

Carside Karaoke?

Sorry to all my "loyal fans" for having not blogged in a while. I haven't really been busy... just neglectful. I appologize for not having a better excuse!

Let me bring you up to speed...last Sunday Tom and I went to the, we did not become Sith. We went to Darkside Haunted House in Wading River. Supposedly one of the scariest on Long Island. I don't know if its the scariest or not, all I know is I screamed like a lunatic while Tom laughed at me and said how adorable I am when I am terrified. Thanks Tom.

We had some other rowdy shenanigans going on as well, but perhaps thats for a different blog. We had a blast checking out Xpressions...yes its a sex shop. We didn't buy anything, however I was THISCLOSE to purchasing the Cookie Kama Sutra to share with the girls on Cookie Day in December, just because it was hilarious! We spent a good amount of time giggling at all the riduclous items, the horrific videos and the scary guys in the anime porn section (also known as Hentai...) LOL

This Sunday was a little more family friendly. Tom and I went to see SAW 5...ok THAT part wasn't family friendly, although there was a couple with their 5 or 6 year old son at the movie. WTF?!? After that it was off to Taby's for dinner with Grandma, my dad's mom, who has been asking to meet Tom for the last few weeks. She seemed to like him, so thats good. And she only "slightly" embarassed me with childhood photos, although she promised she has boxes more that will come out next time. Oh joy. :)

After that, we spent the next few hours just talking about all sorts of things, pasts, presents, futures, etc. This resulted in becoming tired and loopy and after a quick trip to 7-11 for some munchies, we returned to the car, for some...uh...interesting karaoke. Let's just say, I hope we didn't wake up the neighborhood causing them to think someone was shooting dogs. It was bad but sooo good. Its always a blast, and I continue to marvel at how lucky I have been meeting someone who is "Awesome" and thinks I am awesome too. :-D

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