Thursday, June 10, 2010

Passion of the Writes

Do you have a passion? I am talking real honest-to-goodness passion. Not the fruit or the stuff of dollar store romance novels with the impossibly hairless muscle men on the cover.
While in the car listening to the radio (yes, it was Delilah. Don't make fun, I don't judge YOU.) I heard a woman talking about her passion. I don't recall what it was, nor does it matter. I was instantly envious of the voice on the radio because she was aware of what her passion entailed.

Ask anyone on the Forbes list, they will tell you that how they got there was by finding their passion, and finding a way to get others to pay them to do it. This is a fantastic idea...except one problem. I don't know what my passion is.

Obviously I enjoy writing, but even that, I don't do often enough or well enough to make any kind of living doing it. (I couldn't PAY most people to read my blog!)

SO...What is YOUR passion? How did you discover it? I am interested in suggestions as to how one would go about finding their passion. What if what you're strongly interested in, is not something you're GOOD at doing?
I am interested to hear responses. (And to see if anyone even reads this blog)


  1. Well Roe,Roe... I read your blog! LOL. Here’s what I say (not like it means a hill of beans, but still... you asked..), I think people have many passions, but more importantly, they are confident, ambitious, and HUNGRY. It isn't enough to be passionate about something... you have to be WILLING to go for it. Put your heart, money and energy into it to make it work. Often I have heard you say you are... "jealous" because someone has a direction or purpose you think you lack. Don't you realize how much sheer potential you have just being able to admit it. It is so rare to meet someone willing to SAY "I’m so jealous... SHOW ME HOW". You have the drive. You NEED the confidence. So, as to your original question... I'll tell you that my passion is cooking. But, what you REALLY want to know is how does someone take their "passion" and utilize it. Well, those of us with a fear of failure are unable to answer that. When you find out.... I'd love for you to share the secret with me!! LOL.
    As always, I love you the way you are! And, by the way, I think your writing is witty with a fantastic touch of sarcasm. If you love it, start writing. Send it to a publisher. No one needs to know. An editor will look at it and make corrections and/or suggestions and you will get some professional feedback. All it will cost is paper and postage (I think Kinko’s may be able to supply some assistance in that area) It is a start, right?

  2. It's one thing to read, but commenting on something deeply personal, like a passion, is something else. Especially when it's depressing. My passions have given me $35,000 of debt, unemployment checks, and absolutely nothing else. There's also a matter of encouragement - I've been encouraged towards things I'm good at, but are not really my passion. Zach doesn't believe he's a good artist, but I've encouraged him from the day I met him to not give up on his art, no matter what he or anyone else thinks.

    Many kids are told they can do or be anything they want to, but the encouragement stops at this simplistic line. When your passion takes up resources, which most of them will, you need more than willpower to keep going. Even if it's only time, there will be someone in your life who believes that resource belongs to them. If someone believes your passion is a waste of resources, they will discourage you from the get go, or the lovely passive-aggressive way of failing to encourage and then also complaining about it at any opportune moment. Short of being a sociopath, people can't tolerate it for long without help.

    Generally I believe that most people have passions. A majority of them are probably passionate about something they're good at. I also believe that most people have their spirits crushed by others, or perhaps just life in general and that is why they don't pursue them. Some of my passions would drive me to insanity simply because to be involved with them would mean having them structured by flawed or corrupted systems. Other passions I don't pursue because I either lack any encouragement whatsoever and/or I've chosen to sacrifice my dreams for the benefit of others.

    Now I actually have no choice but to make being a mother my passion, not that it's a bad thing, but there are simply no other choices. It's not a matter of feeling strong enough about something, but also a matter of how many resources you have to pursue that.